3B Box August 2016

3B Box August 2016



3B stands for beauty beyond borders.  It is a monthly beauty subscription from Asia for $12 with shipping included.  It includes deluxe and full size samples of what’s new in the beauty world from Asia.  Typically about 4-5 beauty products in pouch.


Here is the info card that comes with every shipment to inform of the products included and instructions on how to use them.  Extremely helpful!!!


This month comes with 5 products, 2 of them are full size, 2 deluxe sample sizes and 5 pieces of sample packets.  All cased in a purple pouch.  They’re great for gift giving I tell you!!!  LOL!!!


I’m really excited about this month’s goodies because of these popular brands that are included! Shriek!!!  First up is TONYMOLY Nutra Energy Emulsion.  An emulsion is a lighter version of a facial cream, almost like a lotion consistency.  It would be step number 9 of Korea’s 10 step skin care regimen.  This cream contains anti wrinkle and firming properties and the smell is heavenly. It’s a mix of fresh and a slight floral scent that does not last long though, enough to enjoy.  I am totally considering getting a full size product of this.

Etude House Age Defense Essential Softener.  Shriek again!!!  Love these brands!!!  This is known as a “toner,” and not usually a softener in the western world.  Step number 4 in the 10 step skin care regimen of Korea.  It helps to enhance the benefits of a toner.  Helps in smoothing and firming the skin from the inside according to the info card from 3B Box.  It is definitely not watery in texture.  It has a slight honey texture.  Love these types of textures for toners.  I feel like I am really able to apply it evenly on my face without it getting soaked in the cotton pad/ball before I use it on my entire face, if that makes any sense. Slight floral texture, again like the product above, fades away. But not overpowering.


HERA Waterin Gel Serum.  Now this is a premium brand from Korea.  It is a sister company of AMOREPACIFIC that is found in stores such as Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman.  Step number 5 of Korea’s 10 step skin care regimen.  This serum helps with moisture and refreshes skin accustomed to dry climates and high temperatures.  It immediately sinks in the skin and does not feel greasy.  It does moisturize and I did not detect any scent from this serum.  Very glad I’m able to try these products, especially the premium ones.

Goodal Waterest Lotus Water Cleansing Tissue.  These are awesome!!!  I just love these tissue wipes to get rid of make up in one quick swipe.  Great way to prep the skin for cleansing, that’s for sure.  I even use these makeup wipes as my toner and it’s sooo great for travel.  Fits right in your makeup/goodie pouch.



Last product is LEADERS 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti-Pollution Mask.  Step number 7 of Korea’s 10 step skin care regimen.  This mask helps to detoxify and purify skin and minimize the effects of pollution on the skin.  Masks are usually left in place for about 20-25 minutes and discarded, patting in the remaining residue into the skin.  My face always feels so refreshed and moisturized when I’ve used masks.  I swear I’ve got a lifetime supply of these face masks from these subscriptions and freebies when I make purchases from Korea.  Score!!!

For more information on this lovely subscription check out The 3B Box.  To go directly to the signup/waiting list click here.  I only had to wait like 2-3 months and I was out of the waiting list. Defnitely worth the wait!


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