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Banila Co Miss Flower and Mr Honey Hydrogel Mask Sheet

Banila Co Miss Flower Mr Honey Hydrogel Mask and Me

I’ve decided to finally try a facial mask.  I wanted to know what the big deal was on them, because it’s so popular in Korea.  I decided to try the Miss Flower & Mr Honey Honey Mask Sheet.  I am in love with this line from Banila Co’s Miss Flower and Mr Honey line.  It is so hydrating.  I’ve tried the Miss Flower & Mr Honey Cream which leaves me with a dewy and hydrated complexion which can be doubled as a sleeping mask when you apply in multiple layers.  And the Miss Flower & Mr Honey Honey Essence Oil which is the step before the honey cream.  I find it so hydrating that sometimes I don’t even put on the cream.  Stay tuned for the full review on this line.

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